My personal and professional focus in the last five to six years has largely been on developing ways for myself and others to eat, exercise and manage their stress in order to optimize our health, fitness and overall feelings of ourselves and their lives. In this time I have self-experimented with a multitude of dietary approaches, training regimens, ways to manage stress and activities intended to help me become more aware of myself and develop in a meaningful manner.  I set out to assemble a lifestyle that is sustainable and effective at promoting health and building feelings of self-empowerment for myself and my clients.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you my thoughts on lifestyle as it relates to health and vitality.  Vitality is my term for describing someone who “lives their dreams, feels great about themselves and contributes to the world around them in some positive way”.

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If you don’t think that sustainable energy, more physical strength, sharper mental acumen and more control over your bodyweight, emotions, pain if you have any, and emotions can’t help you realize your dream then you are just not being honest with yourself. Either that, or your dream includes killing cute puppies.

Will the ‘pursuit of vitality’ motivate the typical health/fitness to consult me for guidance, or consider buying my book? I don’t know, but I do know that there is more to vitality than blood tests that signify healthy ‘bio-markers’, reporting lower stress levels and demonstrating a higher level of fitness. Although I do have the highest degree of certainty that improving one’s ‘bio-markers’, lowering their stress levels and performing better physically will put someone in the absolute best position to live their dream.

The pursuit of vitality in and of itself has to be a stabilizing factor in the life of anyone sincerely embarking on it in order for that individual to make it a long-term, sustainable way of living. Practicing a healthier lifestyle cannot be a stressful situation; if the idea of living healthier in the manner that I recommend sounds like too much or you (more on this to come in future posts), then you are probably not ready for the pursuit of vitality. In a future post I will explain the ‘biomarkers’ for health, what the stress reports cover and what constitutes high levels of fitness.

Thank you for reading, love you all.