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Let’s start this by answering the following questions:

First, how close are you to living your dreams?  Do you find your life fulfilling?  Can it be better?

With that in mind, do you accept that you can benefit from making changes? What if I told you that these changes will be made to how you live as well as how you view the world and how you view yourself and your situation?

At this point I have to know something important, do you have the courage to embrace ideas that may be new to you?  Would it help if I told you that these ideas are coming from noteworthy clinicians, researchers and trainers around the country?

Finally, do you have the discipline and resolve to carry out changes? How do you feel about facing challenges, overcoming resistance, making sacrifices and responding to adversity if it can help you live your dream and have a more fulfilling life?

In my professional experience of guiding and influencing people to become healthier, stronger and more vital versions of themselves I have noticed that how people view change and handle it ultimately determines how far they get in their quest to live better.  In my personal life I have been changing at varying rates over the last decade, and I have noticed the same trend in myself; how I approach and grasp change dictates my own health, fitness, vitality and overall situation in life.

Professionally, I have conducted thousands of consultations and training sessions with hundreds of clients.  I’ve had sit-downs and e-mail exchanges with some helpful gurus, and I’ve watched countless health/fitness fanatics have a spark when they first show-up but fail to deliver when it matters and ultimately derive little value from their effort. I have learned tremendously from my observations.  All day long I read about lifestyle as it relates to health, I listen to it in my oversized headphones and I live it; this is me, this is what I love.

I tell you this so you do not take me lightly when I proclaim that how you view change and how you handle change ultimately determines how close you get to living out your dreams.  In my upcoming book, and in my consultations I teach people how to systematically make changes at both the superficial level (lifestyle choices, etc.) and the deeper level (views and beliefs one has of the world and themselves) in order to help them move closer to their goals and dream, whatever they may be.

In my next post I will briefly explain how there is process of change, how this fits into the “stage of change” model in psychology and then I will give you some tips to begin making your own changes to becoming a more formidable human specimen.  Love you all.  Thank you for reading.  Contact me at for a consultations or private question, otherwise leave me a comment.