In my free time I am writing a book about the pursuit of vitality.  In it I give the reader tools, strategies and principles to guide their daily practice of personal healthcare and development.  The purpose of my book is to help the reader discover something fundamental about themselves which inspires them to live the type of life that enables them to become the most vital version of themselves. Two questions arise when I share this with people: what is vitality, and what does it mean to be the most vital version of ones self?  In this blog I answer those questions and offer some advice that perhaps will add something to your perspective on health and what matters most to you. First, vitality is many things.  Vitality is both a noun and a verb.  Vitality is having an empowered state of mind.  Vitality is having a healthy, strong, resilient and energetic body.  Vitality is being mindful of health.  Vitality is having a high degree of self-awareness.  Vitality is having the conviction to make good choices every day.  Vitality is a state of being. Vitality is a choice. Vitality is both a choice you can make right now and the sum of your past choices, actions and thoughts.  The way you think can put you in position to become the most vital version of yourself or it can hold you back.  It is your choice.  If you want to begin a sincere pursuit of vitality it is in your best interest to employ an empowering type of mindset.  An empowering type of mindset can help you guide your thoughts in a way that brings consistency to them and gives you more control over your life. Thankfully, your mind is flexible.  An empowered mindset is at the root of vitality; you have to believe that your choices matter. However, you don’t have to believe that you have what it takes to become a more vital version of yourself, you only need to have what it takes to become a more vital version of yourself.  You do.  You probably also believe that your choices matter.  The only thing between you and a pursuit of vitality is making the choice to do what it takes each day. Your pursuit of vitality begins with making the choice right now and each following day to be healthy, happy and aware of yourself.  Vital people eat real food, find satisfaction in working their body, relieve their stress, stay busy but don’t feel rushed, have fun, spend time with people they care about, laugh, feel great about themselves and regularly do what matters most to them.  Vital people are many things and they do many things.  The point is that vital people are mindful of their health, get things done and have healthy relationships. Vitality is a state of ‘being’ and a life of mindful choices that gives you the health, energy, self-awareness, strength and resilience that enable you to become the best version of yourself, do what matters most to you and move closer to living your dreams, whatever they might be.   “The power of choice is one of the greatest powers ever given to man.” Your pursuit of vitality takes off when you employ an empowering type of mindset.  To see where you are now please answer the following questions: Do I choose to focus on things within my control? Do I choose to focus on the present moment? Do I choose to see things from someone else’s point of view? Do I choose to follow negative thoughts? Often times the ability to choose constructive, rational thoughts is the weakest link in ones pursuit of vitality. Thankfully, the way we think can be changed just like our patterns of behavior regarding diet, exercise and stress management can be changed.  One way to create change in our mindset is to take ownership for our thoughts and make a conscious effort to think in a different way.  Here are some brief tips to get you started with instilling an empowering type of mindset and beginning your pursuit of vitality.

  • Focus your thoughts on what you are presently in control of.  Focus on the present moment.  Now is the time you are able to influence.
  • Your feelings are the result of your thoughts.  Only you make you feel a certain way, and nobody else and nothing else.
  • Use your intellect and base of knowledge to make choices.  When you are faced with options or with some sort of problem take your time and consider what you know.  Do not let yourself run on autopilot.
  • Be grateful. For everything you have, for everyone you are involved with and for every day you get the opportunity to pursue vitality and live your life to the fullest.

The pursuit of vitality is the best choice I have ever made.  It can be the same for you.  To be vital means to be healthy enough and energetic enough to do what matters most to you and create the type of life you want for yourself.  My choice to become more vital, to eat real food, train my body with the purpose to get stronger and better conditioned as well as use a system for managing stress has changed me in a profound way and enabled me to find my purpose in life, do what I love and share my story and the lessons I’ve learned with the world.   My purpose is to help people in a meaningful way; that is my deepest source of inspiration.  I am inspired each day to take the utmost responsibility for myself and live a life of personal healthcare and development because it allows me to do what I love.  You too, can change your life and find your own deepest source of inspiration by making the choice to pursue vitality.  You can make that choice right now.  You don’t have to read my upcoming book to find out exactly how to eat real food, exercise with purpose and develop a system for managing stress; you can start those things now and it starts with the empowering mindset briefly outlined here.   Comment or shoot me an email at with anyquestions. Love you all.