Are You Sincere About Wanting to Get Healthier and More Fit? If so, take some time right now and truthfully answer the following questions:
who(m) do you consider to be your support system? Ideally, you can get those closest to you ‘on board’ with your health and fitness aspirations. But if you don’t that’s not a big problem because at first, you don’t need anyone to help you.  Although in the long run you will benefit from having people to talk to about your various health and fitness related activities and whatnot. I suggest you talk to those close to you as you begin making improvements to you daily habits, but also get on the interwebs and look into various activities or forums/groups of people with similar interests.
what are your potential distractions? Being healthier and more fit is a noble pursuit but it is not your only pursuit. It really helps if you make note of what is likely to distract you, and begin planning your way ‘around’ it.
what are your daily habits right now?  It is not in your best interests to completely change up your habits- an educated shift is the ideal way to incorporate healthy habits. The way you schedule yourself and manage your life have a profound impact on your habits- I suggest that you take some time on Sundays to write out your meal plans for the week and prepare many of the meals right then as this will put you in position to stay on track.
where is your health and fitness at right now?   If you do not assess where your health and fitness is with the most relevant assessments then you are only speculating as to exactly where you are, and you miss out on the opportunity to track yourself and make the mental connections between what you do and how your health reflects your choices.  In my book I go into detail about this, but for now I recommend that you talk to your doctor about organizing a blood chemistry panel (CRP, HS-CRP, serum ferritin, LDL-P (not the standard LDL-c version), Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, among others are the most relevant) and get in the gym to test your mile run, your squat, your push ups, etc.
what else do you want?  I have learned that people have ‘competing wants’ which have the ability to make things more complicated than they should be. You want to be healthy and you want to be happy, I assume.  You are going to have to figure out ways to balance these aspirations; one does not have to get in the way of the other!
do you know the difference between toxic shame and healthy shame?  Often times health and fitness enthusiasts refer to “unhealthy” meals as “cheat” meals- but I think they got it all wrong. There is no “cheating” on your diet because ‘diet’ is just a term that refers to everything you eat. If you want to eat something that is probably not going to help you become the healthiest, most fit version of yourself then just do it without labelling it as anything- simply acknowledge that you cannot regularly eat like that if you sincerely want to get healthier and more fit. Too often I see people making a big deal about their so-called “cheat” meals and I know that, for me at least, it didn’t work well to think like that because I found myself relating too much to the side of me that wanted to “cheat” and not enough to the side of me that wanted to be healthy, happy and fit.  Be careful with how you view food and your meals because you have to eat for the rest of your life.
On Monday February 2nd my book (only available on Kindle) titled “Pursuing Vitality: A Guidebook for Personal Healthcare and Self-Improvement” will be released on Amazon. In it I have a chapter in which I show the reader how to customize their own training regimen based on their goals, their physical needs, their experience and their time availability. There is also chapters on how one can assess their health and fitness, and a chapter on how one can set meaningful, relevant goals. In total it is around 150 Kindle pages. If you’re interested leave a comment.  Thanks for reading.