Dear friends,

Please answer the following:

What is the ultimate purpose of your life?

What is the purpose of your health?

What is the purpose of managing and relieving your stress?

What is the purpose of your physicality and your fitness?

It seems to me that the answers one has to these questions are very important when it comes to whether or not one shifts their mindset and thus their habits to ones that are health-promoting for the long run. At this point I feel very confident that the people who make the mental connection between their health, their stress management, their fitness and their overall purpose in life are in the best position to get the most from their “healthy lifestyle”- whatever that means.

To me, living with purpose is at the root of “healthy living”, which is handled on a daily basis by the mindset.  In my book (find it HERE but do NOT buy it yet) I discuss both mindset and the way we identify with ourselves because I think that these things along with purpose have a profound influence on our ability to “live healthy” for the long run. In my book I also present one way to “live healthy”, complete with principles for sound nutrition, a daily ritual to handle stress and a multitude of options for one to design their own training regimen.  My book will be ready for public sale very soon.  For now, investigate your answers to the questions above and see if you can make the connections needed to “live healthy” for the long run.

Love you all,

Sam Suska

P.S- Below are some pictures of my lovely girlfriend, Kristina Freismuth. During the 15+ weeks of preparation for this “physique competition” Kristina and I had many discussions about her overall purpose in life and how it connected to the purpose of her physicality and her fitness. She has what I believe to be an ideal type of perspective on her health, her physicality and her life in general which will help her stay healthy, fit and purposeful for the long run. As I (repeatedly) point out in my book there is no singular ideal diet, exercise plan, stress management system, mindset or identity, but there is types/ways of thinking of things and doing things that will put us in position to live “healthy”, be healthy, be happy and do it with ease.