This year I added about ONE INCH OF GIRTH.

To my arms, that is. I know what you’re thinking: they were small to begin with. Wrong. These arms were slightly bigger than average 6 months ago. I’m not saying that they are now massive but they are big enough to give you reason to listen to one of my arm-bulking strategies.

Each time you work your arms make sure to work them from 3 different angles. For triceps, which is the larger arm muscle, this means that you want to do at least one exercise with your elbows behind your torso (dips), one exercise with your elbows next to or just in front of your torso (close grips push ups or push downs) and one with your elbows over your head (standing arm extensions with a dumbbell).

For biceps this means doing one exercise with your elbows next to your torso (standing or seated dumbbell curls), one exercise with your elbows behind your torso (curls while seated/laying back on an incline bench) and one exercise with your elbows in front of you (preacher curls or concentration curls or chin ups). I also recommend that you use basic bodyweight movements and vary the speed of your reps to apply more/less tension to your arm musculature. If you build the size and strength of your arms, especially by combining free weights with bodyweight exercises you will likely also improve the control you have over your body and the overall level of awareness you have of your body- which are far more important than having big, bulky arms like mine.

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Love you all. Still.