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I am writing this blog because I am incredibly happy with my life and with my physicality in particular.  Taking my physicality to a higher level has been a goal of mine for much of my life, but it has always been a struggle for me. Only recently I have found it relatively easy to have the body I want, to be fit, to be healthy, to put a lot of energy into my work and to have a happy, fulfilling and fun personal life. You see, I’ve been significantly stronger, faster and with lower bodyfat in the past, but I had to go to great extremes and sacrifice the balance in my life and within myself in order to “optimize” my physicality.

Now, I have balance in my life and within myself which has enabled me to 1) get to a relatively high level of physicality in a low-stress way without using too much of my time or energy, 2) get the most out of my lifestyle which is focused on personal healthcare and self-improvement, and perhaps most importantly the balance has allowed me to 3) truly live my life to the fullest- put good energy into doing what I love and spend quality time with great people.

I have as much or more energy now than I ever have in my life; and I’ve been known for a long time to be a “high energy” type of guy. I have great health as shown by recent blood panels and I have good physicality as shown by my recent performance in physical tests involving pull ups, sit ups, push ups and a 1.5 mile run.  For the past four years or so I have been doing the same basic healthy things such as: 

  • spending 10-20 minutes at some point in the afternoon doing either a deep breathing routine or meditating
  • avoiding sugar, wheat, trans fats and highly processed foodstuffs for the most part
  • spending at least a half hour exercising four to five times a week- focusing on resistance training complemented by some conditioning

The particulars have evolved over the past four years, most notable my workouts and my protein sources (and amount of consumption) have changed, but they have been relatively stable for the past 2 years so I cannot say that they are the main reason why I am able to be in such good health and physicality right now.  I mean, I’ve had good health and fitness this whole time, but recently they have went to another level despite the fact that I continue to workout 45 minutes to an hour 5 times per week (same as the last 2+ years) and I continue to follow the same nutritional principles that I have for 2+ years.

I believe the chief reason I am now at a great point in terms of my physicality is that I have dedicated myself to an educated supplement regimen continuously for many months now. In my book, which is entitled “Pursuing Vitality: A Guidebook for Personal Healthcare and Self-Improvement” (click HERE to find it) I suggest that the reader assemble his or her own educated supplement regimen in order to get beneficial amounts of all of the essential and known beneficial nutrients.

Please keep in mind that the educated supplement regimen I recommend is in addition to doing things such as, but not limited to:

  • regularly spend some time being active outside, preferably in the sun for Vitamin D
  • spend 10-20 minutes nearly every day meditating in the quest to learn how to calm mind and body- in my book I present a structure for doing it and a way to readily incorporate this relaxation and proactive stress management into your life
  • spend at least 30 minutes most days exercising with purpose- in my book I detail this and provide a multitude of ways, but not all, that you can accomplish this task
  • eat at least a pound of vegetables each day, eat a fermented food each day, eat high-quality meat, fish and/or eggs- in my book I detail these and other principles of sound nutrition that I put forth
  • keep a journal each day, work on your mindset each day and make it a point to discover and develop yourself regularly

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FIRST PICTURE: Camu-camu every day for it’s Vitamin C, Curcubrain is one of the products I take each day for it’s Curcumin which is extremely anti-inflammatory, NAC is something I take every day now because it is a precursor for the body to stimulate it’s own Glutathione production which is important because it is a powerful internally-derived antioxidant

SECOND PICTURE: Dessicated beef liver tablets every other day or so because I am not presently able to find much beef/lamb/chicken liver to eat, Maca once a day le-specific effects, B-vitamin complex and a K-vitamin complex every other day to ensure that I get all of them

I regularly take the following supplements, but NOT EVERY DAY:

  • Vitamin C (about 1,000-2,000mg nearly every day I suggest)
  • B-vitamin complex (every other day)
  • K-vitamin complex (every other day)
  • Iodine (not pictured- I take nearly every day)
  • Maca (not universally recommended by me; I take for male optimization, if ya knowwhatimean)
  • Dessicated beef liver tablets (I have no access to beef liver so I take these 2-3 times per week; I recommend these in my book if you do not eat beef liver_

I also have a smoothie nearly every day with the following:

  • Prebiotics (I take resistant starch, larch tree fiber and psylium husk right now)
  • Probiotics (I take Primal Defense right now)
  • A collagen protein powder (to build strong connective tissue)
  • Colostrum (to build and hone my immune system) (NOT universally recommended)
  • Creatine monohydrate (VERY SAFE but is NOT universally recommended by me)
  • Kefir (in order to get more fermented food in my diet- which is one of the “Principles of Sound Nutrition” in my book)
  • Whey protein from cows fed grass (I take Source Organics now) (also not a universally recommended supplement by me)
  • Vega all-in-one powder (very nutritious in order to ensure that I get good amounts of everything) (not universally recommended by me)

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Once again, I DO NOT take everything everyday. I take everything here over a 2-3 day period of time in order to ensure that I have enough (but not too much) of the essential and known beneficial nutrients.  In my book (WHICH YOU CAN PURCHAS HERE) I suggest that most people take magnesium in addition to Vitamin C, a B-vitamin complex, a K-vitamin complex, pebiotics, probiotics, a collagen protein and Iodine. Please read my book if this interests you in order to get a better understanding of why I recommend these and to get exact links to the highest quality supplements that I am aware of.

Thanks for reading.  Leave a message with any questions or comments and I will do my best to get back to you quickly. Love you all.  Still.