If so, you need to re-think your approach to diet and health. You cannot create lasting health by following a diet. Sure, you can “use” a diet to initiate things in your body for a relatively short period of time, like weight loss or therapy of some sort, but ultimately you have to learn how to create health with your own diet. For this to happen you need to know which foods are capable of nourishing you and which foods/substances are likely to compromise your health. More importantly, you need to set your mind for success and see yourself in an empowering way so you can use this information.

In my book (FOUND HERE on AMAZON) you will learn how to form the least restrictive, most diverse and nutritious diet.  Upon reading my book you will be able to form what I call a “healthy discretion” and readily practice a healthful diet. In my book you will find a framework of nutritional principles from which you can assemble your own healthful diet that you are able to tweak, make adjustments to and simply eat what you want without feeling as though you are “cheating.” After all, ‘diet’ is simply the term for everything you eat and drink, and you can’t “cheat” on that or “go off your diet.” A healthful diet fully nourishes you with the best sources of the essential nutrients and many of the beneficial nutrients while also avoiding the most health-compromising foods and substances.

In order for you to eat a nourishing diet you need to diversify your foods; lots of different vegetables, some fruits, some nuts, some fat, some legumes, maybe some grains, some seafood, some meats and some supplements which are needed to make up for the fact that much of our food supply comes from nutrient-depleted soil. A satisfying diet ought to give you the right amount of food and calories.  Your diet should also be interesting and allow you to eat the foods you enjoy. Many people discover new, healthful foods that they enjoy when eating a truly healthful diet.

As a result there is no singular ideal diet. There is, however, a general framework for you to assemble your own ideal diet that helps you reach your goals, and give you the health and energy to live your life with vitality. For the record, I want you to know that I do not eat a strict 100% so-called “healthy” diet, nor do I think I will ever plan to do that again. I have no desire to completely eliminate a food-type or substance from my diet, nor do I have a health issue that demands that I do, so, I occasionally eat universally recognized unhealthy foods such as pizza, cookies, ice cream and whatever I want when I want it.

However, I don’t typically eat unhealthy foods or consume substances that are likely to compromise my health, but if and when I do, I don’t feel guilty about it. I keep more than 90% of my diet in the healthful range, and I follow all of the forthcoming principles of sound nutrition. The framework of sound nutrition is a series of principles based on my interpretation of biology, physiology and nutritional sciences, as well as reports from various clinicians and practitioners.

My personal experimentation, my professional experience and especially my knowledge of the complexity of the human body and the controversial science of diet and health play a strong role in my formulation of the suggestions found here. The ultimate purpose of the framework of sound nutrition is to give you the information needed for you to apply a healthy, educated discretion to your food and drink choices.

Whether or not most people to continue to eat a healthy diet for the long run depends on the degree to which they form a healthy, educated discretion. Discretion is the ability to evaluate the options in front of you, consider your present health and goals in order to make a judgment–mastering this seems to be the key to health and happiness for many people. It is through discretion that a health-conscious person like yourself has the ability to develop the conviction to eat nutritiously and regularly avoid the health-compromising foods through the inevitable stressors, changes, and ups and downs of life.

The principles of sound nutrition should not be considered ‘food rules’; more like recommendations to shoot for and be mindful of when you are buying foods, preparing meals and planning out your day/week. As you read this, you may find clues that indicate your present diet has some or even many shortcomings—those shortcomings may be the limiting factor in terms of you reaching your health and physicality goals. The emphasis is on eating a fully nourishing diet consisting of the best sources of the essential and beneficial nutrients. These nutrients, largely derived from real foods, are needed to optimize your internal biology and gut microbiome, which in turn, improves your health.

A truly nourishing diet not only gives you the nutrients you need but also feeds the community of bacteria living in your gut, known as the gut microbiome, which more than 100 trillion microorganisms that live inside you, and a key to your health. The gut microbiome effects all of the systems of the body, and plays an important, yet not fully understood role, in your overall health. A central purpose in the principles of sound nutrition is for you to eat and supplement in a way that allows you to fully nourish the gut microbiome.

The other central purpose of the principles of sound nutrition is to provide your internal biology with the raw materials it needs to regulate and restore itself while also minimizing the consumption of substances that pose risk and have a degree of likelihood to harm to your internal biology or your gut microbiome. The essential nutrients are known, and have been known for quite some time. There are an abundant amount of clinical trials on non-essential, yet beneficial nutrients. The harmful or risky substances are quite obvious if you scour the literature. As a result, the principles of sound nutrition are not groundbreaking; they are simply suggestions to help you form good dietary habits with an educated discretion.

A quick summary of the idea of sound nutrition:

  • Sound nutrition is the foundation of outstanding health and wellness
  • You find your own ideal diet from the principles of sound nutrition
  • Sound nutrition is about having a healthy, educated discretion when it comes to your meal choices
  • You need rich and diverse nutrition for your body to thrive. One purpose of eating is to fully nourish your gut microbiome
  • Another purpose is to minimize the substances we know to be harmful to the gut and the internal biology as a whole
  • Yet another purpose is to acquire the essential and known beneficial nutrients, mostly from real food

In my book (FOUND HERE) I go on to share the Principles of Sound Nutrition as well as offer a chapter on how to prepare your mindset for a healthful eating and discretion, a chapter on how to incorporate the principles into your daily life, and a lot of ways for you to customize your diet.  In my book I discuss mindset a lot and I present more than 200 pages of information on how to exercise, manage stress and manage your life in the quest for what I call ‘Vitality’.

If YOU are looking for a “healthy diet” please check it out.  Leave a comment if this chapter helps you or leads you to purchase my book.

Love you all.

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