If your goal is to be the best version of yourself and to have what it takes to live your life to the fullest right now and for the long run it is in your best interests to exercise with purpose. Purposeful exercise is essential for being the best version of yourself because:

  • Exercise can help you grow stronger- physically, mentally and internally or physiologically
  • Exercise can improve your brain function in a multitude of ways and help you build muscle mass, which is very healthful
  • Exercise can help you feel better- both in the immediate and in general
  • Exercise can help you know your body better

In my book [FOUND HERE] I outline a multitude of training regimens that the reader can customize for him or herself in order to make their exercise interesting to them, to make it fit into their schedules and also give each reader the type of results they desire. Because my book is a Kindle and interactive by nature I also provide links to many YouTube videos which feature instructions by various trainers on how to effective do many of the exercises I recommend.

In the book I advise the reader to first assess their overall fitness with a few exercise tests, start a “lifestyle journal” in which they record most things related to their health and wellness (diet, sleep times, exercises performed, goals, etc.) and also be very intentional when they make two goals related to their fitness- an overall goal and a specific goal.  It is the goals of the reader as well as their personal interests which will guide them to choose one of the particular training regimen I outline in the book and begin doing it.  Actually doing it is most important, I feel like I should state this over and over because many people design seemingly outstanding comprehensive training regimens but fail to devote themselves to it for at least 4-6 weeks, the minimum amount of time required to reap the benefits of a particular style of training (12-16 weeks is the longest I recommend).

In the book I provide a framework for the reader to assemble a beginner training regimen, a strength training regimen, a bodybuilding-style training regimen and a strongman-style training regimen.  Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a fitness enthusiast or have much experience with exercise in general because I provide a lot of links to videos of the various exercises as well as links to external resources to help the reader understand exercise better.

Regardless of the type of training regimen each reader assemble for themselves I advise to perform each of what I call the foundational movement-related exercises at least once per week (or once per training cycle) because acquiring strength and proficiency in these exercises is crucial for structural integrity, moving around confidently, maintaining muscle mass and overall health and wellness. If done properly they promote structural integrity, which makes you less prone to injuries and also improves posture and muscle mass; all things we know that promote good long-term health and quality-of-life outcomes.

Whether or not you purchase the book I recommend you perform at least one exercise from each of the foundational movements at least once each week.  If you do, and if you do them with good form and stay away from using too much (or, perhaps too little_ resistance I think you will make your present exercise routine a lot better and maybe even start a more comprehensive and beneficial type of training regimen.

Foundational Movements (with many of the related exercises):

Thanks for reading.  Leave a comment or ask a question if you wish.