Take a moment and think of how you want your life to be like.  What do you want your life to look like?  What are your goals in life?  What is your definition of ‘success in life’? You define success and you create your own reality.

Now, review the past week of your life, the past month and then the last few months or so of your life. Are your decisions and your deeds in alignment with your dreams? Are you actively working toward your goals and dreams or are you getting by? If you are just maintaining or if you are unsure of your dreams that’s okay too.  Maybe this will inspire you to focus or maybe even form a vision of what/how you want your life to be, set some goals and start working towards them.

How bad do you really want to live your dreams?  Your actions give the true answer. A lot of people speak a good game because it’s easier to talk about something you want than it is to buckle down each day and create success. Determination is the key to the success of many of the people I’ve spoken with who seem to be living their dreams.

To me, what matters most when it comes to living your dreams is the ability to maintain a positive attitude AND get useful shit done/make purposeful choices each day through the distractions and temptations we all face each day. I think a positive mindset is essential for personal success because it is a great complement to determination; and it’s also the best way to be.

Now, how bad do you want your goals and dreams? And, how hard are you willing to work for personal success?

My advice is to regularly remind yourself of your dreams in life, honestly evaluate the choices you’ve recently made in terms of whether or not you are improving yourself and your life in ways that will help you live your dreams. You define success and there is no singular ideal way for you to be successful, to reach your goals and to live your dreams. As long as you never give up and always do your best there is hope for you. I think it is really important to be purposeful in life, which is why I think having dreams/goals is essential- because they help us to live with purpose.

Before I wrap this up I have to tell you that I am just a regular guy. I have flaws and vulnerabilities. I am not yet living my dreams. Those things said, I consider myself to be successful because of a few reasons; one is that the choices I’ve made have put me on track to live my dreams. Another is that I have confidence in myself that when problems arise and things change (cause they will) in and around my life I have what it takes to “right the ship” and figure out ways to adapt and persevere through adversity.

You see, my two greatest talents are ones that you or almost anybody can have if you/they really want them: enthusiasm and persistence. Those traits have been very helpful to me and I think they can help you as well.

Bring enthusiasm to everything you do; this means staying positive when things get tough and people go negative; this also means taking pride in the small things, the seemingly pointless or unappreciated things. Of equal importance is to stay the course when things get tough, believe in yourself in times of struggle and don’t think too much- especially about things that are not in your control.

Well, hopefully this gets you thinking of your goals and your vision, and also evaluating yourself- your actions and your mindset. Finally, plans are great and all but execution is everything when it comes to creating success for yourself and living your life to the fullest.

Pursuing Vitality

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