Shit is going to happen to you and in your life that will make it harder for you to work toward your goals and live the life you want to live. Consider it your duty to not allow yourself to be distracted, frustrated or worse, disappointed for too long when problems arise. It is your job to make the best out of whatever circumstances you are in by figuring out solutions to your problem(s), trying them out and sticking with what seems to work.

What I’m saying here is that at some point you will have to adapt and overcome adversity if you want to reach challenging goals and live your dreams in life. In short, when shit happens don’t feel sorry for yourself for too long, make a plan to overcome your problems, execute the plan- after that you can talk about it and share what you’ve learned with others in the quest to help them out, not to glorify yourself. Try to not talk much about your problems before you solve them or at least make the best of things because if you do you will sound like an excuse-maker or a cry-baby.

Finally, you only get one chance at life so make the most of it, and be careful about chasing superficial things like money, status and possessions because they tend to be temporary and will likely leave you unfilled anyways.  Remember, always do your best regardless of your circumstances or perceived limitations. Sometimes it takes patience and a little creativity to overcome obstacles.

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