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Health-Fitness Consultation


A health-fitness consultation agreement consists of at least 3 one-hour long consultations which take place within a 3-4 month timeframe (each one is at least 60 minutes, no more than 90 though). I do these in person and over the internet through Skype.  I also have an ongoing consultation agreement in which I consult once per month with each client; here, I offer feedback, design training regimens and offer specific advice on how to reach their goals and readily improve their habits.

In addition to the once per month consultation I also engage in regular emails and text messages with each client no less than once per week and as often as needed.  I design a customized ‘training regimen’, help set appropriate goals and design a comprehensive living plan which includes dietary advice.  Typically, I ask for the client to assess their health with advanced blood chemistry panels, to assess their fitness with various tests and keep a journal of their life.

I like to think that I help people find a vision, a big picture goal for their life, as well.  I like to think that I help people come up with a healthier image of themselves and then relate that to their daily habits.  Instead of telling people what to do I prefer to help people figure out how to do this on their own and improve their toolset when it comes to figuring out how to both live healthy and live their dreams.

I want to add to someone’s life with advice, feedback and design workouts and an entire training regimen for them; I would like to be a resource for anyone sincerely striving to be the healthiest, strongest, best version of themselves.

Please email me with any questions.

*As of April 1, 2014 I will consider taking on 2-3 new clients.

The Consultation Agreement

The first live consultation is to take place 7-15 days once payment has been received and your initial questionnaire and assessment has been returned to me. In the time between payment and consultation you are to keep the lifestyle journal included here which records your sleeping, eating and exercising habits. The second live consultation and each one thereafter takes place once per month for a guaranteed 60 minutes. The 3-4 month consultation agreement is $150 and the 6-month consultation agreement is $300.

In our consultation and regular correspondence we will review the information found in your lifestyle journal and make necessary adjustments and tweak your habits/regimen. It is essential that we work together to find a safe, practical and effective way for you to eat, train and manage your stress as a means to reach your goals. It is you who lives this out therefore I cannot guarantee results, but I guarantee that I will broaden your mind as to how to live in a way that is compatible with outstanding health and wellness. It is imperative that you communicate with me so I can help you make necessary adjustments. I am a support system for you, I can help you overcome barriers and prevent set-backs if you communicate all relevant information to me. Please answer all of my questions to the best of your ability.

I offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with my work under the condition that you engage in each consultation in the previously outlined period of time and answer every question in every email to the best of your ability. Thank you. I look forward to reviewing your questionnaire and consulting with you in person.

Strategy is important but execution is everything. It is not my job to necessarily make you happy. It is my job to tell you the truth, customize a strategy for you and ultimately put you in position to have success and create the changes you wish to see in your life, in your health and in your fitness and performance. To me, this will be a truly successful consultation if you improve the awareness you have of your body and of yourself while learning and developing a healthy discretion that will stay with you for the rest of your life. It can begin with reading this guide.

Goals don’t require motivation, they provide motivation when they are in line with your outlook on life and in this case, your view of personal healthcare and development. In our consultation agreement I will help you n


**I do not get to make your choices for you, nor do I punish you for making choices that take you further away from your goals. All I can do is give you knowledge of where you are now in your health and fitness pursuits! teach you tools and skills that I am aware of that may help you and generally add to your perspective.  My role is to help you put yourself in a better position to take responsibility for yourself and manage your life in a better fashion.

***I do not offer medical advice, medical diagnostics nor practice as a dietician.

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