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My Book

Pursuing Vitality

Pursuing Vitality: A Guide to Personal Healthcare and Self-Improvement” is now available, only on Kindle, through Amazon.  Click HERE to find my book on Amazon.

My book is the summary of what I have learned from more than ten thousand (10,000) hours of work with clients and research of the research on health, fitness, stress reduction and personal development.  This book is geared toward people who actively take care of themselves, exercise and eat “healthy”. I am extremely confident that this book can be a valuable resource to anybody who is seriously interest in health, fitness, handling stress and taking their life to the next level. There is a lot of information and practical tips regarding nutrition, exercise and mindset in the book which can be of use to anyone looking to optimize themselves.  If you feel that I am describing you to some degree I suggest that you buy the book, read it intently and incorporate the tips and suggestions which you think will work for you.

If you read the book and feel that it is valuable please leave a review on the Amazon page, and please also consider referring someone else to it and my services as a health-fitness consultant.  Thank you very much.


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