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Who Are You?

Are you curious about health, fitness and how to become the healthiest, strongest, most vital version of yourself?

If you are then you have come to the right place because I have a passion for living a life of, and teaching about personal healthcare and development.  If you have an open mind, some courage and would like to use your critical thinking skills then this blog, my book and perhaps even a consultation with me will help you considerably.

Take a moment and consider the following:

What is health to you?

Can you give an honest estimate of your own health?

Can ‘health’ be measured? Or, is ‘health’ an intangible element, something that consists of more than what can be found in your blood or with medical tests?

If those questions intrigue you and leave you with the feeling that you, like myself and everyone in the field, have a lot to learn about the controversial science of health, fitness and the related lifestyle choices then you have came to the right place.  Please subscribe to my blog in order to become a member of the page and receive regular updates.

Or, you can leave a comment or e-mail me at with any questions regarding my services or my upcoming book.

Love you all.

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