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Professionally, I conduct personal training sessions in the East End of Pittsburgh at a private training studio on Penn Ave in the Bloomfield/Garfield area. I have been a personal trainer since 2009, in which time I have spent more than 10,000 hours supervising the exercise of hundreds of clients. Thankfully, I have helped a lot of motivated clients set and reach fitness and health-related goals.  I am skilled at customizing prudent workouts and entire training regimens for people of all fitness levels.

You can email me at or call me at 412-670-8621 to arrange for an intro consultation in which I can show you what I can do for you


Since 2008 I have accumulated hundreds of referrals and satisfied the majority of people I worked with.  Here is a just a small sample of my referrals:

Ned Patterson, Club Manager 24 Hour Fitness (Berkeley, CA)
“I highly recommend Sam Suska as a personal trainer because of his dedication to his clients and their results through effective nutrition and fitness programs. No matter what you are looking to accomplish in the realm of health and fitness, Sam applies his vast knowledge of the human body and how it works to create a comprehensive plan that will lead to results and a healthier lifestyle overall.”

John Maher, MD (Pittsburgh, PA)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sam Suska for his work with me over the last 18+months.  I am 62 years old and was approaching retirement.  I had not exercised on a regular basis for over 10 years.  I had knees that cracked and had knee cap issues as well as a history of three back surgeries.  A round of golf walking would tire me.

Sam has guided me safely back into the beginings of improved physical shape.  I can now walk a round of golf without a problem.  I can lift more weight and do more push ups than I could do 30 years ago.  My knees do not crack and my back is pain free.  My general strength with Sam’s guidance has dramatically improved.  Our twice weekly 30 min. work out usually leaves me sore but the discomfort is gone in 48 hours.  He knows how to max my effort but not leave me unable to keep my busy office and OR schedule.
His routines reflect a controlled, safe, and challenging outlook.  Slow continuous improvement is the goal.  He is always on time and respectful of my busy schedule.  And if I ever want to take up boxing, I know where to go.”

Susan Okada (Berkeley, CA)
“I trained with Sam for several months in Berkeley, and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed working out with him. He developed a plan that suited me, kept my interest and most importantly motivated me. Sam’s positive attitude and energy radiated to me and kept me going! He always kept my needs in mind and created workouts that were challenging and fun. Sam has a great way of pushing you and being encouraging at the same time. I truly miss working out with him and wish he were still here in Berkeley. All of you in Pittsburgh are so lucky!”

Ryan Devine (Berkeley, CA)
“When I came to Sam Suska some 7 months ago, I was struggling with a lack of direction in my exercise regimen, and was possibly in the worst shape of my life. I’d recently recovered from some serious health problems and needed a customized routine that would allow me to advance while making allowances for some personal limitations at the same time. Sam listened to everything I asked and provided exactly what I needed-a workout custom tailored to my particular limitations and goals, and over the course of the next several months I achieved more than I thought possible in that period time, in fat loss, muscle building and overall fitness gains. I am now equipped with all the tools I could ask for to continue to progress towards where I want to be. I would recommend to anyone, especially someone with very aggressive athletic goals or someone compelled by his unique approach”

Antonio Baclig (San Francisco, CA)
“I eagerly recommend Sam as a personal trainer for people hoping to improve their fitness and health, learn new work-out routines, or to be pushed to the next level in their physical activities. Over three months of working with Sam, I was introduced to a number of plyometric and strength exercises that are now essential parts of my routines; improved my vertical jump by about two inches; and in general gained a feeling of purpose and direction in my training. Sam cares about how workouts fit into the individual’s life, and he put in the extra time and thought to make sure that what we did together was the right fit for me. Besides knowing so much about personal training, Sam has a background and interest in nutrition, eastern medicine, and health in general, and I learned so much from him beyond great workouts. I would have continued training with Sam if he had not moved back to the east coast, but I hope that his move gives him the opportunity to help many others”

Aaron Bass-Cetinich, Fitness Manager 24 Hour Fitness (Berkeley, CA)

“I recommend Sam Suska as a personal trainer because he has gotten great results for his clients through individualized program design and implementation and a strong emphasis on nutrition in relation to his clients goals. I have watched Sam work with a wide variety of clients, who he has helped tremendously with his training programs. His passion for healthy living and extensive fitness/nutrition knowledge have combined with his laid back approach to help his clients achieve phenomenal results while enjoying their journey at that same time”

David Bernbaum, Professional Circus Acrobat (Berkeley, CA)
“Sam Suska’s unique and well-researched style of personal training helped me take my circus performance to a new level. Unlike many of the trainers merely peddling “look” based external muscle development, Sam’s focus is refreshingly on functional exercise. Deploying knowledge gained from a life-time’s study of disciplines as diverse as boxing and Chinese medicine, Sam helps you build a body that “works!”

Randy Eveleigh (Berkeley, CA)
“I trained with Sam for several months and got the best results I have ever achieved. Sam brings such enthusiasm, depth of knowledge and strength of character to training that I really looked forward to our sessions. He is focused and dedicated to helping his clients reach their own personal goals. I strongly recommend Sam.”

Daniel Berkowitz (Pittsburgh, PA)
“As a former college athlete and member of the US Marines, diet and fitness were always a top priority. But as the responsibilities and priorities of “adult” life invaded my routine, health and wellness took an ever distant back seat to everything else. 10 years later I found myself hopelessly out of shape, overweight, and frustrated. Determined to take control I joined a gym and was paired with Sam as my trainer. It was a life changing stroke of luck.
Six months later Sam’s wholistic approach to exercise, nutrition and well being has transformed every aspect of my life in an overwhelmingly positive direction. Never incorporating fads, passing trends or the hottest craze of the day, Sam has developed a routine that is personally tailored to my specific goals and needs. The changes are sustainable and have become habits. I now have the tools that allow me to blend the hectic pace of work and family with a lifelong commitment to well being. I highly recommend Sam for anyone serious about getting their life in gear. He has revolutionized mine and can no doubt do the same for you.”

Ryan Tinn (Malibu, CA)
“I worked with Sam Suska from June-November 2011. Taking into account my health history, my capabilities and my goals, Sam designed a progressive exercise regimen that improved my strength, endurance, and conditioning. Prior to working with Sam, I thought the primary function of a personal trainer was to motivate. Sam certainly did that but he did much more. He coached and educated me as well. He instructed me on the proper ways to perform exercises and explained the purpose of the work we did. Perhaps most importantly, he observed. He watched and tracked my growth and modified my exercise program to constantly challenge me. He pushed me beyond what I thought I could achieve and made me a healthier person. I’m grateful to Sam and highly recommend him.”

Jim Silver (Pittsburgh, PA)
“At the age of 55 it became apparent that my sedentary life style had to change. I had been quite fit until my mid twenties at which time due to circumstances beyond my control (at least that’s what I believed) I adopted a sedentary life style.I came to Sam in the summer of 2011 with the stated goal of regaining the level of fitness that I had when I was in my mid twenties and to do so, within a one year period. My fitness goal would include but not be limited to 65 push-ups 65 sit-ups 6 pull-ups and the ability to run five miles while wearing 20 lb weighted vest in no more that 60 minutes.
Although 30 years had passed since I had done virtually any exercising I was of the belief that with the right couching I could do it. After some testing of my current state of fitness, some initial consultations and a discussion of time lines, workout schedules and last but certainly not least nutritional requirements. Sam set about constructing a workout routine and nutritional plan that would allow me to meet my goals within the stated one year period.
My goals were quite demanding and to meet them would require both my belief in my abilities to reach those goals. But as importantly, Sam’s belief in my ability to reach those goals.
I am now six months into my fitness plan and am meeting and in most cases exceeding my goals. Sam has been with me every step of the way and has been and still is instrumental in my success. I can without reservation recommend Sam as a trainer; couch and partner to any individual who wants to meet their fitness goals or achieve a superior level of fitness.”

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  1. And I must add to the testimonials: Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 28, Sam initially made a few suggestions as to how I might alter my lifestyle to overcome my out-of-control blood glucose levels, and thus eliminating numerous symptoms, such as migraines, which I had never experienced before I acquired diabetes. Late suggesting a more comprehensive plan (and lifestyle!), Sam’s dietary, exercise, psychological, and general lifestyle suggestions have almost entirely eliminated my need for insulin, and I now consider myself near optimal health. I cannot recommend Sam any more highly. His insight is greatly vaunted and a joy to work with.

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